The Holy Grail of Hospitality.

The first time a guest arrives at Home Comfort Stays can be surprising. Our effort towards aligning expectations is top priority. But until they enter and settle in, there is no telling what to expect.

Helping guests feel comfortable is an art form. Attitude, amenities and experience play roles, but what is the factor that makes them say “Yeah, we have to come back here again.”?

More specifically, how do we turn a satisfied guest into a guest in awe of our creation; not just for the comfy bed, or Disney+ streaming service, but for the very essence of their time spent within our walls.

This is where reinvention occurs: in the state of a guest stumbling upon greatness. This is what we call The Holy Grail of Hospitality.

Forget folklore and mythical tales. The Holy Grail is an idea. A moment of clarity. An aligning of the stars. A sign of the masterpiece revealing itself, and in doing so, forming its own identity.

We believe the search for this greatness is futile. The recognition of it, however, is invaluable. Capturing a guest’s desires without them fully understanding it themselves. Now that is special. It can all be seen in an encapsulating expression of, “Wow.”

In that instant, we know they will return. We know we have earned a lifelong guest.

Now, when I say that 65% of our guests are returnees, you will begin to grasp the impact of that figure. To us, it represents an arduous road to universal acceptance. And to instill greatness in every guest that walks through our doors would be an achievement only fathomable in the wildest of circumstances.

When you return, you validate greatness and reward it with your presence. For what you have stumbled upon exists not only as what should be, but what can be and what is. Our confidence in that fact is clear. And will remain so throughout our operation.

Until you walk through our doors, it is impossible to understand. Just like The Holy Grail itself; it is only known when recognized. All we can do is put ourselves out there and hope for the best.

One guest at a time we march down the road of greatness, eager to share our masterpiece with the world.