Seeing through the darkness

Updated: May 19, 2020

Imagine you're in a town you've never been, in an area you've never seen, walking up to stay at a place you've never slept...and it's dark. Your eyes are looking left and right, but should be looking down at the stick you're about to trip on, ouch!

Not a great start, but it won't be this way for your guests!

Exterior lighting is critical to starting a positive initial impression of your business and it's easier than you think. Like so many, we don't have electrical outlets all over the property and never where it's needed. Solar lights change all that! With just 8 hours of direct light these cost effective little "ouch" savers are an easy "Yes!"

If you're thinking that most people will arrive during the day to check-in you'd be incorrect as I was years ago. Fact, 90% of our guests arrive after dark, usually between 8pm - midnight. 10% will leave before the sun has the chance to comes up...ick need coffee.

We get SO many compliments on our lighting and are always improving it as we become aware of dark areas outside.

So where do you start? Our favorite way is pretending we are the guest. Tonight, go out to your street on foot/car and forget everything you know about your property. Verbalize your experience as you find the house, drive up, park, get your bag, walk up and enter. You'll quickly discover there are a lot of areas that could use improvement. Was the house number easy to see? How obvious was it which door to enter or where to park? What could you have tripped on?!

Solar powered exterior lighting gently welcomes and guides your guests, making them feel relaxed as they prepare for a much needed nights sleep.

Our 3 picks for Exterior Solar Lighting

Costech Ultra Bright 182 LED Solar Motion Sensor Flood Lights

Manufacturer: The solar light has daylight and motion sensor that automatically turn off during the daytime and the light will automatically turn on at night when motion is detected. With a built-in PIR

motion sensor of our solar lights, it has a long range of distance and a wide angle for motion detection.

My 2 cents: It has 16 foot wire that attaches to the solar panel, unlike others. This allows the flood light to be installed in a shady area and the solar panel in an area with at least 8 hours of sunlight. They stay off with no motion and turn on for the length of time programmed. It also has a setting to adjust sensor sensitivity and light sensitivity. I own 4 of these AND all 4 of them are barely water resistant, but I would still buy it.

Hint for product satisfaction: Moisture always accumulates in the sensor area, never in any of the three light panels. Caulk around the sensor housing area to keep water out. There are three settings and the sensor head moves, this takes a lot of tweaking. Take a night and pretend your a guest again, walk all around, be your guests to see if you have the best settings.

Where to use: Driveway entrance, along the driveway and parking. They remain off until they sense motion, once on you can adjust how long they stay on. They create a welcoming environment as the guest approaches and collects their items.

LITOM Solar Lights Outdoor Water Resistant Motion Sensor, 270° Wide-Angle

Manufacturer: Litom's unique design provides 270° wide-angle illumination. IP65 Waterproof level helps solar lights survive even in heavy rain. Motion sensor lights has 3 modes: highlight sensor mode, dim light sensor mode, and medium light stay-on mode, to account with different lighting needs. Better than those just one sensor mode.

My 2 cents: It might be an obsession, but there are no less than 20 of these outside. What I love is they have 3 light modes, mine are all set on "No motion: dim light; Motion: high light". This looks like a softly lit path so people know where they will be walking, once they approach the bright setting turns on. These are absolutely water proof. Over 2 years I haven't had any fill with moisture.

Where to use: Any area where people will be walking! Driveway, parking, paths, exterior stairs or by doors. What if you are lacking a surface to mount them? Get a 3/4 inch PVC pipe hammer it at least 9 inches into the ground (make a pilot hole), install it near the top with the provided screw. To note, I use deck screw on everything outside, you'll need a S2 drill bit for them. Put a PVC cap at the top of the pip to create a finished look, paint them if needed or add reflective tape.

Aootek 182 Led Solar outdoor motion sensor lights

Manufacture: Motion Sensor Detector and Greater PIR sensor can detects people up to 26 feet within angle of 120 agrees. Waterproof IP65 and Heatproof Great outdoor security night light. 3 lighting modes, including light stays all night and turns brighter when it detects motion.

My 2 cents: I recently purchased these to replace the two smaller light over the front door and wow they do the job. Bugs love the wired porch light next to the front door to my dismay. Every bug in the neighborhood is there having a party on it when guests arrive. No one wants to enter a door with all that going on in their face. So the porch light stays off and this solar light takes its place. These solar lights are mounted about a foot above the door and provide ample light while not attracting bugs. It also has my favorite setting "No motion: dim light; Motion: high light".

Where to use: These are my replacement for areas where high intensity direct light is needed. That includes the front door and a shaded bend in the driveway. Use them in areas with an unusual obstacle that needs your guests full attention.

Disclosure: I'm not sponsored or compensated by any manufacturing company to promote these products. I've purchased/used them and would recommend them to others. By clicking on the product and purchasing it or any other product, Home Comfort Stays receives a 1-3% credit for promoting products from Amazon. This doesn't change your purchase price and supports our small business. Thank you for your support!