Guest Experience

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Providing guests with an unforgettable stay is of the utmost importance. But how can that be achieved? The answer doesn’t lie in spending a fortune on a mansion in the hills with Egyption linens on each bed, full breakfast bar service and complimentary embroidered towels.

The key is to model a home-like experience. Typically, people's home consist of one of three things: cleanliness, convenience, personal touches.

The guests who choose to travel with us typically choose our Durham location because of its vicinity to Duke University, and the surround system it incorporates. They choose to stay another night because of our cleanliness and home-like feel. I believe a home-stay is more than a list of amenities we offer. Satisfaction and awe comes when greeted with a smiling face from an owner who cares about their business. It comes from sharing stories with one another in a casual setting. It comes from returning to a room after a long drive and getting your the best sleep of the year.

For the seasoned traveler, hotels and their point systems get old. Loneliness fills the halls of the giant, slowly withering buildings. There are only so many day-old cups of coffee one can drink before understanding that a change needs to be made. A change for wellness. A change for the heart and mind alike.

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Make guest feel at ease when they arrive with ample exterior lighting.

Put a few solar lights up in darker areas, such as parking or pathways.

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