Getting to Know the Common Traveler

We hosted 4,000 travelers over the past 3 years. No matter your view on humanity, we say with certainty that prejudice and malice do not exist in our close-knit settings. The best in people shines through upon realizing they are entering a unique space; a space with a soul.

Everyone is a stranger until we get to know them. Growing up, I was never afraid of people I didn't know. They are just people. If they feel respect, then they will show respect. Simple as that. I choose to meet people with an open heart and mind. This has started many wonderful stories.

Guests are here to rest at first thought. They will openly admit it, but dig deeper and they are really here for an experience. That commonality allows guests and hosts alike to mingle without friction. Whether it's making coffee in the morning, or washing dishes, this alignment allows people to exercise their comfort freely and act within the community as such.

To give guests comfort, we must first show them we understand it's more then a place to rest their head. Their comfort will reflect from our own. If we felt intruded upon by their presence, the battle is already lost. Open your heart fully and have it be felt in the business.

The same goes for caring for a space. If we keep it clean and orderly, guests will do the same. On the rare case that theory holds false, we deal with it and move on knowing full-well anomalies occur in moments of stress and hardship. Perfection is but an endless pursuit.

Guest safety and temporary well-being is in our hands. We must respect the unspoken pact between guest and host. Without it, all semblance of the designed guest experience is overlooked. Guests will never return and the business of hospitality crumbles. That day is far off as long we work tirelessly to create an environment where comfort and respect can exist.

We instill Home Comfort Stays with a welcoming demeanor because we never know who needs it the most.

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