Attraction Range

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

When I say attraction range, I mean the concentration of “reasons” within a specific radius of your home-stay location. How far away are you from an airport? Where is the nearest concert venue? Understanding the traffic patterns of the area will greatly impact the success of your venture. Try making a map with a 10 mile circle around your pinned location. What attractions fall within that circle? How much of a ripple do they cause? How frequently are travelers using their services?

Within the layers of suburbia there is a fabric of commerce that operates on a widely independent level. The waves of focus originate from a forceful and distinguished metropolitan center. Having ties to a popular downtown area is crucial for success. Travelers seek out suburban settings for their calmness, isolation, and vicinity to their target destination. They want balance. They want the exhilaration mixed with the unwind. Tapping into the travel plans of these potential customers is an arduous process. Using different marketplace services have given us a boost. We now have a foundation to a successful business and are seeing progress everyday towards a fully direct-booking system.

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